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Experimental Features

Updated: 2016-08-02

Experiments are beta features available to pro users. We first release our experiments to our alpha users (core team and a small collection of industry experts), then the features that are stable enough are moved to beta where you can access them if you choose.

Importantly, some features may never make it to production and equally may be buggy.

This document will change over time as feature change.

Experiential beta features

To enable experiments head to your profile page and check the “Enable experiments” box.

Better mobile support

Work has been put into support a mobile design from as early as 2014, but the implementation was never developed, until now.

The mobile design can be seen in this demo video, you just need to enable experiments and view JS Bin on a mobile device. The UI is a little different and it’s still a work in progress, but do check it out:


JS Bin’s read/write API is currently under the experiments.

  • DELETE /api/$bin/$snapshot
  • GET /api/$bin/$snapshot
  • POST /api/save new bin, accepts JSON object with javascript, html, css and settings (object)
  • POST /api/$bin/save create a new snapshot
  • GET /api lists all bins

Further documentation to come.

To make a request, first you need the API token for your account or to generate a new token:

API key

To make the request, the token must be included in the Authorization: Token $token header:

curl -X "GET" "https://jsbin.com/api/" \
  -H "authorization: token 51af795cf1a606fe2e19d8c77bff3cb866f98d16" \
  -H "content-type: application/json"

JS Bin will will respond with 200 OK for successful requests, and 401 Forbidden for unauthorized.

Fine grain control over bin headers

The infocard (that appears on the editor at the bottom right) has been upgraded to include the ability to manage the title, description, status code and headers for the bin. Useful for mocking response handlers with different statuses (like a 404 or 500) or setting a custom content type or setting a CSP header.

Bin info extended

More layouts

JS Bin’s panels can be pre-arranged in a number of different orientations. Available from the preferences under “Layout” in the Panels section. There is also an open issue that proposes to make this control easier to access. So please do get involved if you have ideas.

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