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Keyboard shortcuts

JS Bin supports keyboard shortcuts when the editor panels are focused (i.e. you have a cursor). Shortcuts can also be disabled if desired.

Application level

Shortcut Action
ctrl+? Show keyboard shortcuts
ctrl+shift+/ Search help
ctrl+l Clear the console
ctrl+return Run code and send live reload
ctrl+shift+del Delete the current bin
ctrl+s Save current state as a revision
ctrl+shift+s Create a clone of the current bin
ctrl+shift+</kbd> Hide JS Bin navigation bar
ctrl+o Open bin history (when logged in)
ctrl+y Toggle archive state on the current bin

Note that all changes in any code panel (excluding the console) both triggers a save to the current bin and triggers a live reload on any viewers watching your bin url.

Code based

Shortcut Action
ctrl+/ Toggle comments on the selected lines
ctrl+[ Indent selected lines
ctrl+] Unindent selected lines
ctrl+shift+L Beautify code

HTML & CSS panel

Shortcut Action
tab Code expansion using Emmet
ctrl+alt+right Next edit point
ctrl+shift+y Evaluate mathematical expression
alt+up Increment number by 0.1
alt+down Decrement number by 0.1
ctrl+up Increment number by 1
ctrl+down Decrement number by 1
alt+ctrl+up Increment number by 10
alt+ctrl+down Decrement number by 10

HTML panel

Shortcut Action
ctrl+. Close previous HTML tag

JavaScript panel

Shortcut Action
tab Code complete (using Tern or otherwise)

Console panel

Shortcut Action
up/down Up/down through console history
return Execute command

Showing and hiding panels

Shortcut Action
ctrl+0 Hide currently focused panel
ctrl+1 Toggle HTML panel
ctrl+2 Toggle CSS panel
ctrl+3 Toggle JavaScript panel
ctrl+4 Toggle console panel
ctrl+5 Toggle output panel

The shortcuts for toggling specific panels overwrites the default browser’s tab selection shortcut, but this can be changed to include alt as a modifier key by opening the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+?) and checking the box:

disable cmd+n

With Sublime keybindings

Shortcut Action
ctrl+shift+up Move current line, up one line
ctrl+shift+down Move current line, down one line
ctrl+d Highlight and place multiple cursor on matching words
esc Return to single cursor
cmd+ click Place multiple cursor at click point

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