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What to expect from a Pro subscription

If you’ve upgraded to pro, or if you’re curious, then thank you and here’s the skinny.

What does a Pro account get you?

The Pro user status does two important things:

  1. Access to pro features (duh, obviously)
  2. Helps sustain JS Bin as a project so it can continue to be free and open source for education

This second point is really important to us. JS Bin has existed for over 5 years with no income, running on hefty servers and thousands of development hours poured into it simply because knowing it was being used to teach others was motivation enough.

Eventually we decided that to spend full time on JS Bin, and to invest fully in it’s infrastructure, JS Bin needed to sustain itself, hence Pro status.

If you want to support the project, you can donate via OpenCollective

Upgrade to Pro

Pro features

At time of writing, our pro feature set is:

And you can upgrade today!

Private bins

Making a bin private

Self explanatory, but it means if any other user than you tries to access your private bin, they will get a 404.

Once your bin is private, you’ll also see the card in the bottom right indicating it’s privacy mode.

Example of a private bin

Asset uploads

Just simply drag and drop images you need to use into the HTML, and JS Bin will upload and generate the img tag for you with the URL prefilled in.

Previously uploaded assets can be managed through the assets account page.

Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs has two purposes. The first is that puts your username when you share your bin’s output, and secondly allows you to publish to your vanity homepage.

This means you can publish any bin to your vanity url on <you>.jsbin.com for example: http://dave.jsbin.com

In addition, when you share the full output of your bins, your username is included in the URL, such as http://dave.jsbin.com/fajac/3/

SSL embeds

SSL URLs in JS Bin

SSL can be turned on for all of JS Bin through the preferences and once enabled, all your bins will be served under SSL, in addition, your embeds can also be served over SSL.


Linking to your Dropbox account from your profile will put every bin as a full HTML file in your Dropbox Apps/jsbin directory. This means you have a complete offline backup of your bins or any bin you edit.

Note that only the latest revision is saved to your Dropbox (though we’re considering adding support for revisions).

Finally, two way syncing is being investigated and will be released to Pro users if possible.

Priority support

We manage all our support through github but as a Pro user, you will be able to email directly (or chat via Gitter). Be sure to notify us of your username and we’ll be sure to help.

“Sandbox” mode

JS Bin is different from other pastebins in that it saves by default automatically. This means you’ll never lose your work. However, sometimes you want to throw open JS Bin and test some code without JS Bin ever knowing you were there. This is “sandbox” mode.

The URL is simply “slash-dash”: http://jsbin.com/-

JS Bin runs as it normally does, but doesn’t save. If you want to save, just use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+s

Coming next

As development continues, the following Pro features are next in our roadmap:

  • Read and write API access
  • Sass/SCSS external @imports

Upgrade to Pro today

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