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How do I share the latest bin?

Simple. There’s a few ways depending on what you want to achieve.

Method 1: remove the revision from the URL

So instead of sharing http://jsbin.com/fajac/3, you share http://jsbin.com/fajac. You can also add on /edit if you want to always share the latest edit view.

Method 2: use “latest” instead of the revision

Just swapping the revision for the word latest in the URL will redirect to the latest revision (so your visitor will be able to see the revision number after the redirect): http://jsbin.com/fajac/latest

Again, you can add the /edit modifier to the URL if you want the edit view.

Bonus: point to your last bin

A bonus of having a free account, amongst others, is that you can also share your latest bin by putting your username in the URL: http://jsbin.com/dave/last

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