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Test out code on other devices

JS Bin not only includes live rendering in the main window, but also allows you to try out your code on any other device or in any browser, with live updates as you type.

  1. Create a new bin. Head to JS Bin and start typing, or click Bins → New. http://i.phuu.net/Q5Ke/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-05%20at%2010.30.59.png

  2. Add some code. Once you’ve started work on your bin, the URL of the page will change. This means the bin is saved and you can share the bin with others, or load it into other devices. http://i.phuu.net/Q49K/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-05%20at%2010.31.55.png

  3. Open the bin on other devices. In the Share menu you’ll find a URL for the Live & Full Preview – opening this on another device lets you see how your work looks. Even better, the device will keep itself up-to-date with your changes! http://i.phuu.net/Q5TG/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-05%20at%2010.32.36.png


Testing code in the live preview is covered in this video…

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