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Why register?

Registration is free and very simple with JS Bin, but what are the benefits?

1. Bin history

All the bins you create whilst logged in can be retrieved from the “File”, “Open” menu item.

2. Save customisations

From the “Account” menu, you can customise your editor settings and this will be saved against your account, and not just to that particular machine.

There’s a number of specifics you can customise: plugins enabled in the main editor, key bindings (such as vim or sublime), default panels shown when arriving at JS Bin, JSHint defaults and more.

3. Shortcut URLs

The last bin you worked on is always easily available under /<user>/last, and can be used with all modifiers. For example, if your username is dave, then all these work:

You can also refer to the nth from last too using /last-n:

This is also particularly handy if you want to quickly fire up your current bin on a mobile device - just bookmark your shortcut URL!

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